12 Shevat 5780 AM

Today, 301 years ago, in the year 1719, Rabbi Yitzchok Landau, was appointed as Rav in Apt [Opatów].

R’ Yitzchok Landau’s brother, Rabbi Yehuda Landau, the father of the Noda B’Yehuda, wasn’t so keen with this appointment, since he believed, that this position should be given to him, seeing as he lived in Apt, whilst R’ Yitzchok, was rav in Tarłów [BTW, this letter – “Ł”, has the sound, very similar to a “W”].

His father-in-law was R’ Simchah Doctor, the court Jew of the Polish King John III Sobieski, which we mention in the current issue of Kankan, issue 8, and his full biography will be”H be in one of the future issues.

At the disputation between Rabbi Yacov Emden & Rabbi Yonathan Eybeshutz, R’ Yitzchok sided with the latter.

Eventually R’ Yitzchak was appointed as Rav in the big cities Lemberg, and thereafter in Cracow.

Source: L’Toledos HaKehilos B’Polin, page 60.

Image: Opatów shul silverware

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