14 Shevat 5780 AM

Today, 164 years ago, in the year 1756, the Penei Yehoshua passed away in Offenbach, Rhine-Hesse, Germany.

Rabbi Yehoshua1I haven’t found yet a reliable source, that he was called ‘Falk’. a.k.a.The Penei Yehoshua was born in Cracow and served as rav of the communities: Tarłów, Linsk [Lesko], Tiktin [Tykocin], Lemberg [Lwiw], Berlin, Metz & Frankfurt on the Main. He was also appointed as “Prince of Eretz Yisrael”.

R’ Yehoshua, passed away on Friday in Offenbach, which is across the Main river, not far from Frankfurt. The leaders of Frankfurt had to get extra permission, to allow the rav to be brought back to Frankfurt, on Motzei Shabbos, when the doors of the town walls were usually closed.

The procession was quite dramatic. People walked down the bank of the river sobbing and crying whilst escorting with great honor, the mail-coach, in which the rav’s casket lay. He was brought to burial, the next morning.

Source: The Rabbis of Frankfurt, page 287

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