16 Shevat 5780 AM

Today, 279 years ago, in the year 1741 [5501 AM], Rabbi Elazar the rav of Rozshinoi [Ruzhany, Belarus] and Dubno [then in Volhynia, now Ukraine], passed away.

R’ Elazar himself isn’t a well known figure. His father R’ Berish, the Leader of the Cracow community,  was an elder brother of R’ Shaul from Cracow. For more about them, read our article “A Rav a Prince” in the current issue of Kankan, issue 8.

R’ Elazar’s daughter, Mrs Chaya, was the mother of the Noda B’Yehuda. The latter’s sefer, Tziyon L’Nefesh Chayah, is dedicated in her memory – hence the name Chayah.  As a matter of fact, she passed away one year before her father.

Sources: Daas Kedoshim; Ir Dubna V’Rabaneha; Preface to Noda B’Yehuda

Image: Shul in Rozshinoi

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