Yesterday, my young innocent little brother-in-law, known as YY, was still fighting COVID-19. Sadly enough my wife is now sitting shivah, in my house, so do her 13 siblings and their parents. 

I’m sitting and writing this post with wet eyes, and thinking of keeping it as is, but, then I saw a line. For some strange reason, while searching for yesterday’s history, I stumbled across, something for today as well, and I saved it. So here you have it.

Today, 599 years ago, in the year 1421, Mrs. Breina hy”d, the mother of Rabbi Iserlain, author of Terumas Hadeshen, was killed ‘al Kedushas Hashem’, in the pogrom in Vienna Austria.

Even in these days, when we suffer and live through so much pain, Hashem hasn’t forgotten, even this little minute things, he made sure Yossi Kwadrat still has a KDH (Kankan Daily History) for today.

Thank you, Hashem.