Today, 727 years ago, in the year 1293, the Maharam passed away, in his prison cell in Ensisheim.

Maharam is the acronym of Moreinu Harav Rabbi Meier, his family originated from Rothenburg. In the Jewish Encyclopedia, we read: “[Rabbi] Meïr was probably first taken to Wasserburg, a German locality that can not now be identified, and then transferred to the fortress of Ensisheim in the district of Colmar, Upper Alsace.”

Although the Maharam only mentions his prison in Ensisheim, his student, Rabbi Meier HaCohen, mentions at one place his imprisonment in Wasserburg.

But, these are not two places, he was only in one prison, in Ensisheim! Wasserburg is the description of the prison, which is a tower or castle surrounded by water. No wonder, JE couldn’t find such a locality.

See: jewishencyclopedia.com & wikipedia.org

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