23 Iyar 5780 AM

Today, 924 years ago, in the year 1096, the holy Jewish community of Worms, fell victim, to the barbaric crusaders ym”s.

The Ravan describes this brutal massacre: “And on the 23rd day of Iyar, the Coyotes got up on the community of Worms, some members were at home, and some in the home of the Hegemon, the fiend got up on the Jews that were home, and they killed man, women, and children, from young to old, they ruined their homes, they robbed everything. They took the holy Torah, and they trampled it in the mud outside, they tore it, and made a mockery out of it… saying, ‘this is the day we were waiting for, now we found it’.”

Source: Gezeros Tatnu, page 4