Joseph Kwadrat

Born in Antwerp, Joseph Kwadrat lives in London where he is a graphic designer who researches and produces graphic family tree posters and accompanying books. His paternal grandmother was a direct descendant of Rabbi Naphtali Katz, author of Chapter Three of the Maharal’s family tree. Kwadrat studied at the Bobover Yeshiva in London, Israel and New York and is the author of a second edition of the Bobover family tree and the accompanying sefer Megilat Yochasin (Brooklyn, 2009). He has written several genealogical articles for the rabbinic periodical Beth Aron Veyisrael. Currently Editor-in-chief of Kankan Journal.

Kankan is a glorious celebration of Jewish history--detailed research, fascinating perspectives, and luscious illustrations. Yossi Kwadrat is sensitive to the awesome drama of the Jewish experience in history, and conveys both his enthusiasm and erudition through this phenomenal publication. Highly recommended!

Henry AbramsonServing as a Dean of Touro College in Brooklyn, NY.