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1st century, Adiabene:
Hilnei HaMalkah: The Jewish Convert
by Rabbi Pinchas Landis

7th century, France:
The Jews of Narbonne: A Jewish Kingdom in France
by Mrs Yehudis Litvak

16 Century, Caribbean:
Piracy in the New World: The Adventurous Lives of  Moshe and Avraham Henriques – Cohen
By Yaakov Landman

17th century, Bohemia:
Myserious Mistakes: A Hachnasas Sefer Torah 300 Years Ago
by Yossi Kwadrat, EIC

19th century, Prussia:
R’ Leib Kusmirak: The Polish Rothschild
by Yitzchok Bacher

19th century, International:
Cholera vs. COVID–19: Remarkable Similarities and Promising Differences
by Yossi Kwadrat, EIC

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