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25th century AM – Israel
Why One Hundred Blasts? The Doubt in the Mitzvah of Shofar;  The Fight between the Shofar, Sisera’s Mother, and Samael.

1st century – Jerusalem & Rome
Queen Bernice: Treacherous Queen or Jewish Advocate?
By: Rabbi Pinchas Landis

7th century – Arabian Peninsula
Was There a Jewish Kingdom in Arabia?  A Study of the Ancient Kingdom of Himyar
By: Yaakov Landman

18th Century – New York
The First Rabbi in America: Rabbi Gershom Mendes Seixas
By: Rabbi Aubrey Hersh

18th Century – Galicia
Surnames in Austrian Galicia:  The Teitelbaums and the Shapiras, the Halberstams and the Rokachs

19th Century – Leipnik, Bohemia
Not So Innocent: The Peddler,  the Postman, and the Priest
The Rav’s Confession to the Priest

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