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Frankfurt, 1661: Young Gutlin zu Hessen was put to her eternal rest.

On Tuesday earlier, the maiden, Gutlin, R’ Menkin zu Hessen’s daughter, disappeared,

It was on Shabbos morning when Gutlin’s body was found floating in the mikvah. The Jewish community turned to the Mayor, seeking his advice on how to deal with this situation. They sent for a doctor and some officials to come to the mikvah. They carried the body outside and performed an autopsy to figure out if it was a homicide. First, they checked her intestines for poison, which was negative. Secondly, they checked her neck, which turned out to be broken. She was buried the following Sunday. 

Source: Sefer Kavranim of the Frankfurt Community, see Gedenkbuch der Frankfurter Juden, page 362.

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