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Today is genealogy day–Yom haMeyuchas

Vienna, 1637: R’ Avraham Ries–Öttingen from Vienna, passed away.

R’ Avraham, was a Royal Advisor to the Holy Roman Emperor, King Ferdinand II.  Although he was rather unknown, he has many known descendants alive today, including the Landau family branch, of which the Noda BeYehuda was a family member.

On 18 July 1630, Mantua, Italy fell to the Austrian forces, in what was known as the “War of the Mantuan Succession.”  The Jewish ghetto was plundered by foreign soldiers, and Jews were captured.  R’ Avraham traveled to Regensburg, where Ferdinand II was, and lobbied on behalf of the Jews.  He succeeded, and all Jews were freed to go home.

Source: LeToledos HaKehilos BePolin, page 72.

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