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Lwow 1772: Rabbi Ephrayim Ashkenazi passed away.

R’ Ephrayim was born on the 13th of Cheshvan 1699, in Altona to his father the famed Chacham Tzvi, and to his mother, Rebbetzin Sarah, the daughter of the acting rav, Rabbi Zalman Mirels.

It is unknown who R’ Ephrayim’s wife and father-in-law were.  All we know is that they were from Żółkiew [Zhovkva, Ukraine], and her mother was a meyucheses. Eventually, R’ Ephrayim moved to Lemberg, where he lived until the end of his life. 

His daughter Tzivyah Rachel, married his brother Rabbi Yakov Emden.

Source: Matzevas Kosdesh, vol. I, §113.,

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