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Nikolsburg, 1684: Rabbi Leib Krochmal passed away.

R’ Leib was the son of Rabbi Mendel Krochmal, known as the Tzemach Tzedek. It is interesting to note that he was a descendant of the Maharal of Prague, although we haven’t yet figured out how.

R’ Leib was rav in Nikolsburg [Mikulov, Czech Republic]. Usually, the rav of Nikolsburg was also the Landsrabiner. But in R’ Leib’s situation, due to his young age, this position wasn’t given to him, only to his contemporary, R’ Leib Zons of Holleschau [Holešov, Czech]. It was after R’ Leib Zons’ moving to Poland, that the Landsrabiner position was finally given to R’ Leib Krochmal.

Source: R’ Zvi Horowitz, “Rabbanei Ir Trebitsch”, Zefunos 18.

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