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Solomon Deiches’ Shul in Krakow

Cracow 1694: Rabbi Moshe Enzeles, the Rosh Beis Din, passed away.

It is the inscription on his gravestone which caught our attention. It gives us some insight into how the lack of burial places was handled once upon a time. On his gravestone, we read: “Here is hidden, R’ Moshe, the Rosh Beis Din of our Kehillah, the son of Naftali, known as R’ Moshe Enzeles – ‘niftar 5 Av 454. Upon him is hidden the wondrous R’ Mordechai Deiches, his son R’ Yerucham, his grandson R’ Avraham, and his daughter, the modest Mrs. Kreindel, who was nifteres 28 Cheshvan 536.”

R’ Mordechai Deiches was a Dayan in Cracow, and a contemporary to R’ Moshe Enzeles, 

Sources: Ir Hatzedek, Gravestone 42, Rishon Mekor Chayim, Fürth 1697

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