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Nikolsburg 1831: Rabbi Nachum Trebitsch was anointed as Landsrabbiner of Moravia.

R’ Avraham Trebitsch, the official secretary of Nikolsburg [Mikulov]}, writes about this as follows: “Likewise Hashem did to us, The sun rose and shined upon us, the time of music arrived, the song of the turtledove is heard in our land, to accept a rav, and av beis din to our community, the leaders gathered to choose one special one, of the Rabbis of Moravia, who cast the lot, and in their right hand, and with most votes, to anoint Rabbi Nachum, one of the Sages of Prague where he spread Torah. He served as Rav on Prostich [Prostějov, Czech Republic] for five years. This sage came here to Nikolsburg, on the fifth day of Chanukah and Rosh Chodesh, and he was accepted with great honor, with a Chuppah… He was raised in holiness, and accepted l’Mazel Tov, as Rav haMedian-Landsrabbiner, in the great gathering in Brünn [Brno, Czech Republic].

Source: Moriah vol. VI, issue 1 (61), page 8

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