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A Shtar Chatzi Zachar

Amsterdam, 1754: Rabbi Saul of Amsterdam gives his son-in-law a Shtar Chatzi Zachar.

A Shtar Chatzi Zachar, is a special halachic bill, one can give to one’s daughter, with which she can claim a fair share of her father’s inheritance after his passing.

R’ Shaul gave this bill to his daughter, when she married Rabbi Avraham Kahana, eventually the rav of Brestitz [Barstyčiai, Lithuania].

“A Shtar Chatzi Zachar involves the father undertaking, at the time of the daughter’s wedding (as part of the dowry provided for the daughter), to pay her a very large sum of money (larger than the expected value of the estate) to be due (Chal) one hour preceding the father’s death.  This debt passes to the Halachic heirs (i.e. the sons, although the concept could be extended to restructure any stages of the Torah order for Yerushah) and includes a provision voiding the debt if the Halachic heirs present the daughters with a share (e.g. one-half) of the inheritance.”

Sources: Kisvei haGeonim, page 5;

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