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Selish, 1791: R’ Yisrael Baruch ben Avraham passed away. 

R’ Yisrael Baruch was the father of the Ba’al HaTanya, the founder of the Chabad Dynasty.

The name “Yisrael” was most probably added to him at a later stage due to an illness since he was only known by his name Baruch. 

R’ Baruch lived in Liozno [Lyëzna, Belarus], where he was the Shamash of the Chevra Kadisha in town. At a later stage in his life, he moved as an anonymous man, to Selish, Hungary [today: Vynohradiv, Ukraine].

His son, R’ Shneur Zalman, joined his father in the Chevra Kadisha while he was still a young boy.

Source: Igros Kodesh,page 10; MeBeis HaGenazim:

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