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Harbour of Jaffa c1880-1900

Jaffa 1908: Arabs attacked Jews!

In the April 1, 1908 issue of Ha’Olam, a German newspaper published in KΓΆln, an incident was reported. According to the article titled “Attacks in Jaffa,” on Friday, 9 Adar B, a group of Arabs assaulted Jewish teenagers, resulting in the head injury of one of them. Unfortunately, this was not an isolated event. The local Palestinian Jews lodged complaints with the authorities, but their pleas were disregarded. Although the Police did apprehend some of the attackers in this particular case, they were released the following morning. Regrettably, these actions failed to deter further attacks, as a few days later, on Taanis Esther, a few Arabs once again targeted a Jewish individual.

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