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Eretz Yisrael 1927: A 6.3Mw earthquake devastated the Holy Land of Israel.

This earthquake is known as the ‘1927 Jericho earthquake’. It was felt in Jerusalem, as far as Tiberias. The epicenter of it was somewhere between the Damya Bridge in the Jordan and the Dead Sea. 

We have an interesting account of the earthquake written by the Kaf haChayim: “In the year 5687, 11 Tamuz, there was a big earthquake in Jerusalem and surrounding. Many walls were destroyed and many were weakened. There were many miracles and wonders as not a single person was lost in Jerusalem. Only in the villages, there were massive destructions, and many non-Jews were killed. G-d saved the Jews, and it was a wonder in the eyes of those who saw it, for then they believed in G-d. Also, scientists proclaimed that it was the hand of G-d doing this.”

Source: Kaf Hachaim vol. 7, 576:26.

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