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Bethlehem, 2209 AM: Binyamin was born in the outskirts of Beis Lechem.

Today is widely celebrated as the yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu. 

There is no Talmudic source for this.  All we have is the following verse from the Book of Jubilees: “And at night, Rachel gave birth to a son and she named him Ben-Ony — since she had a hard labor, and his father named him Binyamin; on the eleventh of the eighth month…”

What we have here is a date when Binyamin received his name from his father.

The Book of Jubilees is part of the Sefarim Chitzonim–Apocrypha.

As to when Rachel died, according to Rabbi Moshe HaDarshan, Rachel died when “it was the dry season when the ground is riddled and full of holes like a sieve.”

Source: Book of Jubilees, Kahana edition, chapter 32, verse 33; Rashi, Genesis 48:7; Seder Hadoros §2208

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