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Rav Chida

Leghorn, 1806: Rav Chida passed away.

Chida/Chyda is the acronym of his name, Ch’aim Y’ossef D’avid A’zulai. 

Rav Chida once spent Purim in Amsterdam, where he witnessed the custom of a Purim Rav, and Purim Torah. He wasn’t very impressed with the custom, although he troubled himself to copy this speech which was said in rhyme: “The Gemara in Kiddushin (39b) wonders: ‘It occurred that there was one whose father said to him: Climb to the top of the building and fetch me chicks. And he climbed to the top of the building and dispatched the mother bird and took the young, thereby simultaneously fulfilling the mitzvah to dispatch the mother bird from the nest and the mitzvah to honor one’s parents, but upon his return he fell and died. Where is the goodness of the days of this one, and where is the length of days of this one?’ Well, the Purim Rav had his own answer. The promise for long life was only given, when the mitzvah is done “Al ha’adamah–while standing on land,” ‘he’ was on the ladder…”

Sources: Maagal Tov.

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