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3d Rendering of the Golden Rose Shul in Lemberg

Lemberg 1771: Rabbi Chaim Rappaport passed away.

On his yahrzeit, it seems, Rabbi Yosef Shaul Nathanson, who took over R’ Chaim’s very seat, had the custom, to learn from R’ Chaim’s sefer on his yahrzeit, since he mentions his yahrzeit in one of his responses.

R’ Chaim, prohibited to write any titles on his gravestone but for the title “rav”.  Therefore his epitaph, worked out to be quite an informative one:

“Here is buried Rabbi Chaim, the son of adoneineu moreinu verabeinu Rabbi Simcha HaCohen, who [=R’ Simcha] was rav here in Lemberg and it’s outskirts, and R’ Chaim filled his place here as rav, from the year 501 [=1741] up to the year  531 [=1771]….”

As a matter of fact, although his father, R’ Simcha, was indeed appointed as rav in Lemberg [Lviv, Ukraine], he never made it to town; he passed away, whilst traveling, to accept his post.

Source: Shoel uMeishiv, ed. III, vol. II, §87; Anshei Sheim §168.

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