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The Haus Krachbein was an inn and tavern theater from the 15th to the 18th century in Frankfurt am Main . From 1743, after it was demolished and rebuilt, it was renamed King of England

Frankfurt, 13 Shevat, 1682: The North Sea swells, drowning Holland and Germany.

The author of Tzemach David, Warsaw edition, writes that this event was called Mabul-Katan–the small flood.  In Frankfurt, the water started to flood on 13 Shevat, for 3 consecutive days. The roads were like rivers. The only way for one to cross to his neighbor was by using little boats. The author writes of his experience: “I, myself, crossed with a boat from the guest house, Haus Krachbein, to the road named Buchgasse, and have put myself into danger by doing so.”

Sources: Tzemach David, Warsaw 1871 edition, vol. II, year 1682.

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