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Yellow Patch

Vatican City 1555: Pope Paul IV, signed the evil antisemitic decree for Jews to wear a yellow cloth.

In Sefer Seder Hadoros, we find that on the 14th of Tamuz he ordered the following: “Every [Jewish] male, female and child must wear a yellow hat on their head, women must wear a distinctive yellow veil, even if commuting out of town. All Jews must live in a single-walled neighborhood, and at night the doors must be closed.” The list goes on and on, restricting services received by non-Jews, limiting Jews in their conduct of business, only allowing a single Shul in town, and so on. The decree was signed on the 14th of Tamuz, but was made public only a few weeks later, on… [you guessed it] Tisha B’av.

Source: Seder Hadoros 5315

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