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London 1158: Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra composed the famous Igeres haShabbos.

Ibn Ezra was at that time here in London. He dwelled in the house of R’ Yosef ben Yakov from Montville, where he received a collection of manuscripts from his disciple, R’ Yosef. In one of these manuscripts, he found a certain explanation that could alter the time

An illustration of Ibn Ezra (center) making use of an astrolabe.

s when Shabbos comes in and out, thus causing chillul Shabbos. Due to this, he decided to compose the poetic Igeres haShabbos–the Shabbat Epistle, which is based on a dream he had, where this poem was sent to him, from Shabbos itself. 

Source: Shevet Yehuda, §18

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