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Rock of Pidkamin

Brody 1797: Rabbi Chaim Podkamiener passed away.

R’ Chaim Landau, also known as R’ Chaim Podkamiener, was an uncle to the Noda BeYehuda. He was rav in Podkamien, and eventually moved to the nearby Brody. There he established the famous Broder Klauss. He passed away on Purim, at the ripe age of 100 years. 

His namesake, his great-great-grandson, the Sanzer Rav,  was born not long after his demise. When the Sanzer Rav was ill, at the end of his days, he sent emissaries to be mispaleil for him, at R’ Chaim Podakaminer’s gravesite.


לז״נ הר״ר משה אהרן ב״ר שלמה זלמן לעבלזאן ז״ל – שמש מערת אליהו, נלב״ע פורים קטן תשנ״ז לפ״ק, תנצב״ה

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