Lublin 1752: Mrs. Chaya Hochgelernter passed away, at young age.

One of the leaders of Lublin was R’ Avram R’ Chaim’s.  He was of the leaders of the famous Council of Four Lands. When his young son, the prodigy Chaim, was of age to get engaged. two prospects were suggested; 1) the daughter of Rabbi Yonasan Eybeschutz, and 2) Chaya, the daughter of the rich doctor, of Yavoriv [Ukraine],  R Avraham Chaim Chazak, known as “R’ Partiz Doctor.” The parents couldn’t decide for themselves which prospect to opt for, therefore they decide to let young Chaim choose for himself. Chaim chose the latter’s daughter. When he was asked by his father, why he chose money, over the famed R’ Yonosan. He answered, Doctor Partiz is so rich, he can hire R’ Yonasan to be my private tutor – so I have the benefits of both.

Source: LeTolados HaKehilos BePolin, page 367.

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