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Dubno, 1741: Rabbi Elazar, the rav of the community, passed away.

R’ Elazar, was initially rav of Rozshinoi [Ruzhany, Belarus] and then in Dubno [Volhynia].

He himself isn’t well known. His father R’ Berish, was the Leader of the Cracow community,  and was an elder brother of R’ Shaul the rav from Cracow – children of the Rebbe R’ Heschel of Cracow. 

R’ Elazar’s daughter, Chaya, was the mother of the Noda B’Yehuda. The latter’s sefer, Tziyon L’Nefesh Chayah, is dedicated in her memory – hence the name Chaya.  As a matter of fact, she passed away one year before her father.

Sources: Daas Kedoshim; Ir Dubna V’Rabaneha; Preface to Noda B’Yehuda

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