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Rozdil Jewish Cemetery

Rozdil 1874: Rebitzen Sarah Eichenstein passed away.

Rebitzen Sarah and Rebitzen Chaya Labin were twin sisters. When it was time for them to get married, their father, the Tzaddik R’ Hershele Zhidachover, presented a kvitel to his rebbe, the Rebbe of Lublin. The Rebbe of Lublin then told him the following: “The white one is for R’ Yossel, and the dark one goes to R’ Moishe of Sambor!”

Sarah (the dark skinned) married Rabbi Yuhuda Zvi Eichenstein of Rozdol, who was the son of R’ Moshe of Sambor. Her sister Chaya (the fair skinned) married R’ Hertzel Labin, who was the son of R’ Yossele Lubliner.

Source: Eser Kedushos, Zidicow, §42

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