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Chmielnik, 1676: Rabbi Aaron Shmuel Koidenaver, the rav of Cracow, passed away.

R’ Shmuel was born in Koidenav [Dzyarzhynsk, Belarus] to very simple parents, and made his way up, serving as Rav in the leading Jewish communities throughout Europe. He served in Langenlois, Austria; Nikolsburg [then the capital of Moravia]; Glogau, Silesia; Fürth, Bavaria [which held the most prestigious yeshiva in Germany]; Frankfurt [which was the biggest Jewish community, and held the most respected beth din in Germany]; lastly in Cracow, Poland – where he sat on the international seat of the greatest gedolei Yisrael in their times, such as the Rema, Bach and many more.

He authored many sefarim, Birkas Hazevach, and more, and is known as the Maharshak.

His son, Rabbi Hirsch, is the author of the sefer Kav Hayashar.

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