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Preßburg, 1872: The K’sav Sofer passed away.

R’ Wolf Sofer, the author of the K’sav Sofer, was born on a very interesting day, on 30 Adar I! What is so interesting about this date?  Well, usually, when one is born on 30 Adar I, which only exists in a leap year, he will have Bar Mitzvah in a non leap year, which does not have such a day – since Adar has only 29 days! When does one have Bar Mitzvah, which is a machlokes in the Poskim.  Either way, his Bar Mitzvah will not be in Adar whatsoever.  It will either be 30 Shevat, or 1 Nissan!

It seems that the K’sav Sofer had his Bar Mitzvah on 30 Shevat.

Source: Kankan (Yiddish version), issue 1, preface.

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