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Tz’fas, 1809: Rabbi David Shlomo Eybeschutz passed away.

R’ David Shlomo is the author of the sefarim; Levushei Serad on Shulchan Aruch, Arvei Nachal on Torah, Sheilos U’Tshuvos Ne’os Deshe and more.

About his gravestone, we read the following, written by R’ Moshe Reisher from Jerusalem: “…and the caves of the Rabbanim of Ashkenaz are filled with countless sages, scribes, tzadikim, chassidim, and geonim… from the known ones are… the Maasai Rokeach… next to him is the kever of the gaon and chassid, Rabbi David Shlomo the rav of Soroki [Soroca, Moldova]… there wasn’t any gravestone noticeable, it was only known by tradition that this is his burial place. So I took with me four friends, we dug and found deep in the ground an old gravestone, engraved with some unreadable letters “P[oh]”N[itman] Harav Hagaon R’ David Shlomo ben R’ Avigdor, to the year 570, 22 MarCheshvan”.

Source: Shaari Yerushalayim page 44 

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