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Worms, 1615: Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Bacharach, passed away, being only 40 years of age.

In his short lifetime, he was selected as a rav in the communities, Bomsla [Mladá Boleslav, Czech], Turobin [Poland], Kolín [Czech], Pohrlitz [Pohořelice, Czech] and lastly in Worms, [Rhineland/Germany].

He married Rebbitzin Chavah, a granddaughter of the Maharal of Prague. She was a well-known, clever woman. In fact, their famous grandson, Rabbi Yair Chaim, names his sefer Chavas Ya’ir, after her, identifying himself, with her as, “Chava’s Ya’ir”!

Source: LeToledos HaKehilos BePolin, page 535.

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