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Today is a fast day, which is mentioned in Shulchan Aruch.

The fast day was established to commemorate the putting to death of Rabbi Chanina ben Teradeon, one of the ‘Ten Martyrs. He was burned at the stake, wrapped in a scroll of a Sefer Torah.

He wasn’t killed alone, the Romans ordered the death of his wife too. His daughter was forcibly put in a brothel, from which her brother-in-law – her sister Beruryah’s husband – Rabbi Meir, saved her.

It is interesting to note, that one of his sons joined a group of robbers whom he eventually betrayed, and therefore they killed him.

Sources: Megillas Taanis 9.  Tur & Shulchan Aruch 580, Avoda Zara 17b, Eicha Rabbah 3

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