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Vilna Gaon

Sejny 1846: The Nimukei HaGriv passed away.

The Vilna’er Gaon took his lodgings in the house of R’ Yisrael Berliner when visiting Serei [Seirijai, Lithuania].  R’ Yisrael’s, six-year-old Reizel watched with awe, the honor, and respect given to their honorable guest. She learned to join in, serving and honoring this special guest.  The Vilna’er Gaon, appreciated her noble deeds, and he blessed her, “Hashem shall bless you, when you grow up you should marry a great man, who will leave a good name in Israel, you should carry your children easily, and live a long blessed life.” This blessing was indeed fulfilled.  At the age of seventeen, she married Rabbi Yehudah Bacharach, the author of the glossary and commentary Nimukei HaGriv. He was the rav of the little community, Sejny, Lithuania.

Source: Daas Kedoshim, page 39

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