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15th century • Spain
From Gold To Black:  Sad Story of Spanish Jewry
The Fight of the Rabbis – Part 3
By: Rabbi Pinchas Landis

11th century • Oppido Lucano, Italy
Mystery Music
The Tale of Johannes Of Oppido,  the Norman Convert
By: Soroh Menucha Peltz

19th century • Qaidun, Yemen
In Search of the Sambatyon
The Whereabouts of the Mysterious River – Part III
By: Yaakov Landman

16th century • Zamość, Poland
Faith and Art
The Italian Architects  who Built Poland’s Most Exquisite Shuls
By: Joel Weisberger

23rd century AM • Goshen, Egypt
Is This Yosef?
Did Archeologists Find Evidence of Yaakov Avinu and Yosef Hatzaddik in Egypt?
By: Yossi Kwadrat

18th century • Dantzig, Poland
The Thief Who Chickened Out
The ‘Bubbe Maase’ that Saved the Day
By: Yossi Kwadrat

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