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Shores of the Reno, 1743: Rabbi Immanuel Chay Ricchi was murdered.

R’ Immanuel is famous for his Kabbalistic work Mishnas Chassidim. Amongst his many works, is his commentary on Mishnah, named Hon Ashir.

There we find quite an interesting note (Yoma Chapter 3), “How nice and beautiful it would be if one desires to play a musical instrument on erev Shabbos to greet the Queen, and on motzaei Shabbos to escort the Queen.” [See a lengthy discussion about the practice of welcoming Shabbos, by singing Kabbalas Shabbos with music, in Kankan issue 4.]

While traveling in Italy for the purpose of selling his works, he was murdered by robbers, who buried his body by the shore of Reno. Six days later some Modena Jews discovered the remains and brought them to Cento for burial.

Source: Ammude ha-‘Abodah, pp. 302-303

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