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Today, 156 years ago, in the year 1863, Rabbi Mordechai Wolf Ettinger from Lemberg passed away.

R’ Mordechai Wolf is the famous brother-in-law and chavrusa of the renowned Lemberger Rav, Rabbi Yosef Shaul Nathanson, known as the Sho’el Umeishiv. Together they published quite a number of sefarim, such as Meforshei Hayam and Magen Giborim. R’ Mordechai Wolf held the position of being the President of Eretz Yisrael.

At his levaya, he was eulogized by Rabbi Yitzchak Schmelkes, then rav of Przemyśl, eventually taking the post in Lemberg.

Source: Beis Yitzchak OC21

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