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Depiction of Maharam ain an ancient Macahzor

Görz, 1286: Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg, also known as the Maharam, was imprisoned. 

The reason behind his imprisonment was the newly introduced status of the German Jews as “Servi Camerae Regis”, which translates as “servants of the royal chamber”. The Maharam was very afraid of this new status and its implications. Therefore he advised the Jews to flee from the borders of the country, as did the Maharam himself. But he was caught in Görz, a town at the border of Italy, by an apostate, by the name of Kneppe [perhaps just a nick for a teen], who was his former student. He was imprisoned for the rest of his life in a water castle in Ensisheim.

Sources: Gravestone of the Maharam; Geschichte der Juden von den ältesten Zeiten bis auf die Gegenwart Vol.17

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