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Shabbos in Fürth

Fürth 1700: Rabbi Leyzer Charif, the new rav, arrived in town.

R’ Leyzer was called Charif-sharp-minded, due to his sharp mind. He was a member of the famous Heilpern family, who trace back their pedigree to Rabbi Elchanan of the Baalei haTosfos.

R’ Leyzer was rav in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. Lesser Poland, where he received the invitation of the Jewish community in Fürth to take over the rabbinic seat.

He arrived, on Thursday, 5 Nissan, and that Shabbas, Parshas Vayikra, he gave his inauguration derasha.

Sadly enough, he passed away the following chol hamoed sukkos.

Source: LeToledos HaKehilos BePolin, page 420

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