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Kittsee, 1758: Rabbi Moshe Eliezer passed away.

R’ Moshe Eliezer was the second Rav of the Jewish community in Kittsee [Hungary, today in Austria], being the successor of his father Rabbi Avraham.

R’ Moshe Eliezer, expressed himself, about the holiness of his community in the verse [Numbers 23:13] “Efes katsehu tireh, vekulo lo sir’eh – you will only see a portion of them; you will not see all of them” so he said:  “Efes ‘Kittsee’ tireh, ‘veKehillah lo sir’eh –a portion [of the greatness] of Kittsee, one can see, but the [greatness] community, no one can see.

Source: Zechor LeAvraham, 1996, page 569

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