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Today, 207 years ago, in the year 1813, Rabbi Avraham Tiktin, sat, isolated, away from home in Breslau [Wrocław], and was learning and writing his chidushei Torah.

In our days, we can empathise with him, as we are all locked up at home, Zoom being the biggest active Torah Center.

Due to the Napoleonic war, his home town Glogau, was besieged, and the community fled to Bresslau, where they were sitting and waiting for more peaceful times. Eventually he took over the rabbinic post in Breslau.

Well, looking back in history, we know that this war eventually ended, so will the current pandemic end, and G-d willing with no more casualties.

Source: Pesah HaBayis, Hilchos Korban Pesach 10:15.

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