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Today, 366 years ago, in the year 1654, the Tosafos Yomtov passed away in Krakow.

The Miser’s gravestone in Krakow

Many expected that their rav, Rabbi Lipman Heller – the Tosafos Yomtov, be buried in the special allocated lot for rabbanim, but this was not the case. He was put to rest at the end of the cemetery, next to the gate, the place designated, for unknown people.

Yes, the reason behind it, is the famous legendary story of Shimon the Miser, who “supposedly” didn’t give a penny to charity, even when the community tried to raise money for widows and orphans after a deadly epidemic. Later, after his death, it turned out that he had secretly covered all their bills.

When the Kedushas Tzion of Bobov, once came to visit the city of Krakow, he was honored to read from the community’s famous Pinkas – register, and they pointed out to him to read this famous story.

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