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Lublin 1668: Rabbi Moshe the Rav of Lublin, known as the Mahadura Basra, did NOT pass away.

This is not a new way, to ensure we have content to write, each day, no, no.Β 

The reason we mention this point is that some people decided to shorten his life by a few years, and set the day of his passing on the 8th of Kislev 1668! Although some gave him an extra two weeks and set his yahrzeit on 21 Kislev, he lived much longer.

From where do we take it? We find his signature in the register of the Council of Four Lands, in the year 1671.

Rabbi Moshe was the son-in-law of the Maharsha and a descendant of the Rema. His brother R’ Wolf, was the father-in-law of the Shach.

Rabbi Moshe’s yahrzeit is unknown.

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