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Altona, 1751: The start of the dispute, between Rabbi Yakov Emden and  Rabbi Yonathan Eybeshutz.

R’ Yakov was shown an amulet, which his people told him was written by R’ Yonathan. R’ Yakov was shocked to see the contents, which were filled with references to Shabsai Tzvi. He chose not to say anything, especially, as he wasn’t convinced that this was written by R’ Yonathan. He told his people, not to mention this amulet to anyone.  It should be noted that R’ Yonathan respected R’ Yakov a lot, and vice versa.

R’ Yakov’s opinion leaked out somehow, and he was asked to come to a meeting with the leaders of the community. A nice carriage was sent out to fetch him, but at the meeting, R’ Yakov felt that he’s being framed, and therefore decided not to answer. He was asked to meet again with the leaders of the community, a few days later, but R’ Yakov was advised by his people not to attend, as they planned to harm him. Therefore, on 9 Shevat, after Krias HaTorah, he made an announcement, in which he declared that he respects R’ Yonathan, he doesn’t know who wrote this amulet, but the amulet shown to him is filled with heresy.

Source: Toldos Yaavetz, page 15

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