Shiloh, in the times of the judges: The Shofet & Kohen Gadol, Eli HaKohen, passed away. 

Lucena,1103: Rif – Rabbi Yitzchak Alfasi from Beni Hammad Fort, Algeria passed away. 

Frankfurt on The Oder, 1792: The Pri Megadim, Rabbi Yosef Teomim, passed away. 

It is interesting that all three lived in transitional periods: Eli HaKohen was of the last of the Judges, before the next period, the period of kings started. The Rif lived, in the times between the Gaonim and the Rishonim, some consider him to be of the Gaonim period [He wasn’t a Gaon per se himself since only the Rashei Yeshivah of yeshivas Gaon Yakov in Babylon received that official title.] The Pri Megadim was one of the last Poskim, whose opinion is generally accepted, and hard to argue with.

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