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Cracow, 1616: Rabbi Mordechai Margalioth passed away.

Sadly enough, not much about his life is known to us.

We know his father was R’ Shmuel, although some claim that his father was the rav in Poznań, this has not yet been verified.

He authored the sefer Chasdei Hashem, published in the year 1589. On the last pages he signs his name as follows: “So are the words of the humbled, Moshe Mordechai ben Rabbi Shmuel uMargalis Zt”l.” This signature brings up the idea that Margalioth wasn’t actually his surname, but rather, that he was known by his mother’s name Margalis as on R’ Mordechai Margalis’.

It must be noted that his daughter Scheindel, married Rabbi Mendel Margolioth, the rav of Przemyśl.

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