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Lublin, 1573: Maharshal passed away.

Maharshal, which is the acronym of Moreinu Harav R’ Shlomo Luria, was born in Posen [Poznań, Poland] to his father R. Yechiel, and mother, the daughter of Rabbi Yitzchok Klauber from Posen.

R’ Yitzchak Klauber was famous as an expert on the nusach hatefillah, he even had his own siddur, which was burned together with all his sefarim, in one of the fires in Posen.

Some sheilos & teshuvos from R’ Yitzchak survived, and eventually found their way to his grandson, the Maharshal, but, alas, it was destroyed by a fire, whilst in the Maharshal’s possession.

Sources: Shut Maharshal §12 & §64, Yam Shel Shlomo, Yevamos 14:3.

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