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Sinai Desert 2450 AM: 10 of the 12 meraglim died as a result of an epidemic in the desert.

We know that on 9 Av, the meraglim came back and spoke ill of our Holy Land. This resulted in the 9th of Av being converted into a retribution day. 

It seems also to be true to 17 Elul, the very day when the meraglim were punished. Since on this very same day, 3249 years later, WWII broke out. What WWII meant for the Jewish nation, needs not to be written, as it is inscribed in our hearts.

One point, I usually like to bring out is that WWII, not only eradicated a third of our nation, our holy sages, our holy communities, our holy shuls, and our holy sifrei Torah, it also deleted many known historical chapters from our nation’s memory – which we try to revive through our Kankan journal & daily history.

Source: Tur, Orach Chayim, 580

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