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Apt, 1713: The Noda BeYehudah was born.

Rabbi Yechezkal Landau was born to his parents R’ Yehuda of Apt (Opatów, Poland) and Mrs. Chaya, the great-granddaughter of the great Rebbe R’ Heschel of Cracow. R’ Yehuda was a member of the famous Galician Landau family, whose origin is the town Landau, in Rhineland.

R’ Yechezkel authored many sefarim. His two most famous ones are Noda BeYehudah, which incorporates his father’s name, and Tzlach, which is the acronym of Tz’iyun La’nefesh Ch’ayah, which incorporates his mother’s name.

Source: Mofes HaDor, page 1.

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